We offer a range of On-Site services to all end users of our products. A highly trained team of experienced specialists dedicated
to provides service to ensure your continuous operation


Mechanical & Electrical and Piping Project

Installing and refurbishing mechanical & electrical and piping system for all kind and environment clasification area of Commercial & Industrial Facilities.


We are assuring that all systems and components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements and standard


Planning and Engineering maintenance at industrial facilities as cotract service or partially Performing routine maintenance in order to avoid larger and longer fix cost and down time

Field Service

Onsite repair of industrial equipment and facilities, Installing industrial machines and equipment such as lighting , motors and pumps, compressors and WTP/WWTP repair and refurbish


We are doing Industrial electric motor repairs such as rotor and stator winding, recondition and reinforce insulation, rebabbit sleeve bearings metal spray HVOF method, refurbish heat exchanger, redynamic balancing rotor, complete field and interpole recondition , resurface commutator, replace bearings, carbon brush and brush holders, rebuild bearing housing and attach temperature sensors and vibration sensors We are also doing mechanical repairs such as rebuilding and refabrication machine parts,

Civil Construction

Our commitment to execute projects with the highest quality, on schedule and within budget while adhering to excellent standards of health, safety and environmental positioned FAS to be recognized in the construction community .


FAS design approach is driven by the desire to develop architectural design mainly of public and private buildings and commercial areas as shopping centres, hotels, retail, schools, concept stores, commercial buildings, showrooms and sustainable architecture.


FAS has built a strong reputation in the design and construction of significant landscape construction projects. Through sound project management principals and detailed technical and horticultural expertise FAS delivers the best park area for its clients.


we are trusted by some of the world’s best brand in lighting and electric motor industry as an Authorized Agent in Indonesia.


Fixtures and light system (TKO, VSHAPE, TKI, EMERGENCY LAMPS, LEDs)


Fixtures, lamps, LED and Highbay lighting system